Bridgeharbour (HK) Management Service Company Limited (Bridgeharbour Service) provide both company secretarial service and money operating service for the clients.

As a dual-license institution with the Trust and Company Service Provider (TCSP) – Company Service License and Money Service Operator License in Hong Kong, Bridgeharbour Service offers a wide range of offshore company secretarial services to help clients deal with the challenges posed by the complexity of multi-jurisdiction corporate regulatory and compliance requirement. Its global payment services can also meet clients’ needs in currency exchange and cross-border remittance business.

Notting Hill Trust is the subsidiary of BIPPO Advisory Group. BIPPO Advisory Group is a boutique private wealth management group. Founded in Hong Kong, BIPPO offers wealth planning and management solutions as well as relevant services for Chinese clients. We endeavour to be an independent and reliable partner of the new generation of High-Net-Worth Individuals (HNWIs) and their families in China.

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Company Secretarial Service

We provide a wide range of company secretarial services, including corporate formation, governance and regulatory compliance, and administrative management, to help our clients cope with challenges from the complexity of multi-jurisdiction regulation and compliance, and to promote the sustainable growth of the business and wealth. Learn More

Private Customer Service

Based on the online system of WeCom, we customize a mobile wealth management system, namely “Bridgeharbour Assistant”, to provide individual and family clients with a convenient and safe one-stop mobile platform combining self-service insurance policy inquiry, family insurance and trust portfolio management functions. Learn More