Incorporation of Bermuda companies

Bermuda is a group of low-forming volcanoes in the Atlantic Ocean, near the western edge of the Sargasso Sea. English is a common language, and Portuguese is also in use. Bermuda is one of the offshore jurisdictions accepted by Hong Kong Stock Exchange for listing in Hong Kong.

Bermuda follows the British-based legal system. A Bermuda company is an exempted company designed by foreign investors, which does not have to pay capital gains tax, value added tax, sales tax or gift tax.

Why incorporating Bermuda company?

  • Provide privacy protection, without disclosing shareholders and directors

  • No tax shall be declarable and payable

  • No double taxation treaties with other countries

  • No annual return of shareholders is required

  • No audited accounts is required to submit

  • Chinese company can be registered as secondary name of the company

  • Company is granted listing in Hong Kong Stock Exchange

Basic Requirements for incorporation

  • At least one shareholder

  • At least two directors and must be an individual

  • Must have registered office in Bermuda

Annual maintenance requirements

  • Registers of directors and officers must be kept at registered office

  • Statutory declaration, which lists the authorized share capital, is required to be filed annually

  • Settlement of annual government fees